Nespresso Inissia Review 2022 [Pros, Cons & Verdict]

Nespresso Inissia Review
  • Coffee quality
  • Brand Reputation
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Extra features

Nespresso Inissia Review

Nespresso Inissia, a capsule espresso maker, is an upgraded version of Essenza mini with a 24 oz water reservoir and 9-11 used capsule capacity. It prepares a perfect cup with a touch button in a sleeker body of 4.7 inches width.

This is a review of Nespresso Inissia espresso maker ( Inissia black Nespresso a
discontinued model).

I’ve got in touch with this single serve machine and thought to try and test it for you guys. Let’s get into it!

Nespresso Inissia, a capsule espresso maker, is an upgraded version of Essenza mini with a 24 oz water reservoir and 9-11 used capsule capacity. It prepares a perfect cup with a touch button in sleeker body of 4.7 inches width. 

Features of Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso LineOrignalLine
Brew sizes 1.35 oz espresso and 3.70 oz Nespresso lungo
Milk frother None 
Milk containerSold separately
Removable Water Tank24 ounces
Used coffee capsule container capacity9-11
Power (watt)1260W
Auto shut offAfter 9 minutes
Coffee typePod 
Pressure 19 bar pressure
Heat up time25 seconds
Dimension (W x D x H)4.7 x 9.0 x 12.6 inches
MaterialABS plastic
Capsule compatibility OrignalLine Capsule
Warranty1 year
Custom Brewing featureNo
Weight 5.3 lbs
Cable length 0.8 m
Manufacturing partnersIn the UK, Krups and Magimix manufacture the Nespresso Inissia. In the US/Canada, Breville and Delonghi manufacture the Nespresso Inissia.

Nespresso Inissia Overview

Nespresso machines have two integrated machines systems, Original and VertuoLine

The OriginalLine coffee machine creates a traditional espresso sensation by extracting every note with a 19-bar high-pressure mechanism. Whereas, the VertuoLine machine uses centrifusion technology. Still, it didn’t brew hot and authentic espresso.

This Nespresso machine is an improvised version of Essenza Mini. How? Because of Inissia’s 24 oz water tank, Essenza Mini’s 20 oz increased spent capacity (11 instead of 6).

In another way, Nespresso Inissia is a lot similar to Nespresso Pixie in terms of water tank capacity, pressure system, and compactness.

Unlike Essena Plus, Nespresso Inissia does not have an Americano button. In the Inissia espresso maker, you need to use a programmable button to brew your own Americano. 

  • Set one button for your preferred shot size.
  • For hot water, the volume uses another button.



???? Budget-friendly.

???? Inconsistent 19 bar pressure.

???? One-touch button.

???? A bit loud.

???? Compact with large water tank and capsule container.

???? Milk frother and Americano option not present.

???? Can use 3rd part capsule too

Things to consider before buying Nespresso Inissia

Read below to know more about its features.

Coffee Quality

Inissia provides high quality espresso due to its pressure system. The pressure gauge on the Nespresso Inissia espresso machine is missing. Nonetheless, the pump’s 19-bar pressure extract smooth crema on top with a delicate taste.

It brews better espresso than VertuoLine models. Though it doesn’t make the actual espresso with 200ºF temperature, 9 bar consistent pressure, and approx. 25-30 seconds for extraction. 

Inissia only falls in the extraction time as its espresso temperature is 154ºF and its 19-bar extraction system is inconsistent. However, these petite things don’t matter if you are a true coffee lover. 

Moreover, the Inissia coffee machine, in contrast to Keurig, does not allow you to produce larger cups. Thus, for that purchase a VertuoLine model for a standard cup of coffee of 17 oz. 

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Inissia has a slender and ergonomic stature that fits into any counter space or office desk. It squeezes because of its dimensions (WxDxH) of 4.7 x 9.0 x 12.6 inches. Inissia comes in black, red, and silver colors. 

It weighs only 5.3 lbs which makes it extremely portable. This means that if you’re going camping or on vacation, just pack Inissia along with your other essentials and you’re ready to go.

When compared to its manufacturing partners (Delonghi and Breville espresso machines), a slight variation in overall design may be noted

Nespresso Delonghi Inissia

Breville Nespresso Inissia

Inissia by Delonghi aka Nespresso D40 has a slim spout.

Inissia by Breville has a bulging coffee outlet.


Nespresso Inissia falls in a moderate range, but it is more expensive than its counterparts like VertuoPlus, Essenza Mini, and others. 

Its price is $166 but if you bought it with Aeroccino Plus frother bundle it would cost you almost $400.

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Inissia makes an espresso shot using one of its two pre-programmed buttons. One for 1.35-ounce espresso shots and the other for 3.7-ounce lungo shots (Opposing to the coffee machine that makes a perfect iced coffee or other specialty drinks).

Environmental Impact

The capsule can be recycled using Nespresso’s dedicated program. You have to purchase the aluminum coffee capsules from Nespresso and then return them to the company, which takes care of the rest.

Power saving mode

The Nespresso Inissia has an auto-shutdown feature that turns the machine off after nine minutes of inactivity (Instead, you may set it to wait 30 minutes). This feature drastically decreases energy use and eliminates the inconvenience of forgetting to switch it off when you’re in a hurry.


Its cleaning and maintenance become easier due to the detachable parts like drip tray, drip grid, and water reservoir. 

You can make a great coffee and espresso by using filtered water. By that the descaling process is prolonged. 

Note: As per Nespresso, You need to descale your machine every 3-6 months. 

Take assistance from the cleaning and descaling guide of Nespresso Inissia. The time duration for inissia descaling is approx. 15 minutes. 


The Pixie comes with a one-year warranty and is backed by Nespresso’s quick customer service. You’ll get free repairs or replacements, and you might even get a new espresso machine while your current one is being repaired.

Final Verdict

Nespresso Inissia works best if you live alone as it has 24 ounces of the removable water tank. In addition to that if you own a small business then its cup of coffee is perfect for your clients. If you’re an avid drinker of espresso then buy Inissia as it offers hot and authentic espresso and lungo. If you’re a beginner in this espresso machine game then get one for yourself as its interface is user-friendly. 

But if you want an integrated milk frother then choose VertuoLine machines like the Lattissima series or the Creatista series. If you have a large family, buy Nespresso Evoluo instead due to its large water reservoir. You can also check out other alternatives when it comes to the price of Inissia. Moreover, if you want some other tech-savvy features like alerts then Inissia is not for you.

Nespresso Inissia Alternatives

I’ve mentioned some of the Inissia alternatives. Give this a read for a better decision.

Nespresso Pixie

This slender model has a pre-programmed two-button interface that offers you both espresso and lungo. Its brewing system uses 19-bar high pressure to extract all the flavors possible. It has an adequate water reservoir capacity and an energy-efficient auto-off feature that inactivates the machine in 9 minutes.

Nespresso Evoluo

Evoluo, a single-serve coffee machine, is the most recent Nespresso VertuoLine machine available for purchase. It’s larger than the other VertuoLine versions, but that extra room houses a 54-ounce water tank and an extra-large used capsule bin that stores 17 mug-sized capsules.

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What kind of capsules work in the Nespresso Inissia pods system?

Inissia is compatible with not just originalLine coffee capsules but also third party capsules like Starbucks, Gourmesso, HiLine Coffee, etc. 

Can you brew a full cup of coffee?

The simple answer is no. Nespresso Inissia can not make brew sizes of 8 to 17 oz. If you want large cup sizes then go for Evoluo or any other VertuoLines. 

Who makes Inissia?

Nespresso is behind the technology of Inissia however its manufacturing is done by US and UK companies like Breville and Delonghi. 

Can you make a latte using Inissia?

Yes, you can. Though it doesn’t have an integrated milk frother, with Inissia Aeroccino Plus Bundle you can easily make specialty drinks. 

Inissia Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

How to use Nespresso Inissia?

  • Place a capsule inside.
  • Hold down the brew button (either one) until the shot volume you want is reached.
  • Press the button to release it.

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