Keurig K-Slim Review: My Personal Experience With This K-Slim Model

Key features of Keurig K-Slim

Product Line/System:The K-Slim is part of its own product line and doesn’t belong to a larger line from Keurig.
Brew Sizes:The brewing sizes for the K-Slim are: 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz.
Water Reservoir:The K-Slim has a water reservoir capacity of 46 oz.
Display:The K-Slim does not have a digital display. It operates through a control panel with buttons.
Temperature Control:This machine does not have temperature control features.
Strength Control:The K-Slim does not have a Strong button or other strength control features.
Dimensions:Known for its compactness, the K-Slim has dimensions of 4.8″ x 15.2″ x 12.1” (w x d x h).
Weight:The K-Slim weighs around 6.2 lbs.
Other Features:This machine does feature an Auto-Off button and it also comes with a removable drip tray.

Keurig K-Slim Overview

The K-Slim is one of Keurig’s slimmest machines and is a dream come true for those who value counter space. However, as any coffee aficionado knows, there’s a lot more to a great coffee machine than just its dimensions.

The K-Slim comes with a 46 oz non-adjustable water reservoir and despite the relatively large water tank size, it has a width of less than five inches. This means that you get to enjoy frequent cups of coffee without having to do refills with a machine that won’t take up too much space. The K-Slim doesn’t have any sort of pod scanning technology. Due to this, there is no limit on the kind of pods you can use for this machine. 

The K-Slim also has an Auto-Off button and the machine offers three cup sizes: an 8 oz, a 10 oz, and a 12 oz serving. It does not feature a ‘Strong’ button, nor does it have an ‘Over Ice’ option or temperature control settings. Despite the exclusion of these features, the K-Slim has a very easy to navigate user interface and is a durable machine. 

To help you assess the K-Slim’s major advantages and drawbacks, I’ve devised a comprehensive list of all of the pros and cons that can make or break the coffee making experience.

Things I like in Keurig K-Slim

While testing Keurig K-Slim coffee maker in my home kitchen, I liked following features:

1. It’s Compact

With a width of less than five inches, the K-Slim won’t be a burden on your counter at all. 

2. A Lot of Pod Variety

You could use Keurig’s own K-Cups or you could use pods from the dozens of third-parties that make them. This way you’ll also have a lot of options in terms of price points and flavors.

3. It’s Super Easy to Use

The K-Slim has to be one of the easiest machines to operate. Everything is clearly marked and laid out so you don’t have to worry about issues with figuring out how the machine works.

4. Auto-Off

The K-Slim has an Auto-Off feature – this means that it’ll automatically switch itself off after five minutes of no activity. This is great because it’ll save you a lot of power.

5. A Quieter Brewing Experience

A complaint that a lot of people have with Keurigs is that they’re too loud. Well, with the K-Slim you don’t have to worry as it’s fitted with technology to ensure a quieter brewing experience. 

Things I don’t like

As Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker doesn’t have any big drawback which can be the reason for you not buying the machine. But still, I want to give my honest thoughts on the cons I’ve experienced while using this coffee maker.

1. Limited Range of Brew Sizes

The K-Slim only offers three cup sizes: 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz. When compared with other Keurigs, this is a very limited selection and it means that you’ll have a very limited set of options when it comes to brew size. 

2. No ‘Strong’ Button

The Strong button allows you to brew an extra strong cup of coffee. Unlike other Keurigs like the K-Elite, the K-Slim does not offer this option so you won’t be able to enjoy a more concentrated beverage.

3. No Temperature Control

Having temperature control can be really great as it allows you to pick the perfect temperature for your specific needs but the K-Slim can’t facilitate you in this regard.

4. Hard to Access Water Reservoir

Even though the K-Slim doesn’t have a lot of width, when it comes to depth it has A LOT of it – a whopping 15.2 inches in fact. The length of this machine can make it hard for users to access the water reservoir, which is located at the back of the machine. 

5. No ‘Over Ice’ Feature

Even though you can still add ice to the coffee brewed by the K-Slim, the negation of an actual ‘Over Ice’ button does make a difference. This button makes sure that a pod is as extracted as possible so that when ice is added, the flavor of the coffee isn’t diluted. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a K-Slim

Before you purchase a K-Slim, these are the important factors that you need to consider. Depending on your personal preference, the K-Slim’s performance in these factors could make or break your coffee making experience.

Coffee Quality

The K-Slim’s coffee quality is as good as any other Keurig: it gets the job done and depending on the K-Cup you use, will give you a hot, fresh cup of coffee. However, without a ‘Strong’ feature, the coffee strength and the flavor maximization is a bit limited. Moreover, the K-Slim doesn’t feature Keurig’s newer multi-stream technology – machines with this technology produce the richest, most flavorful coffee across Keurigs. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning the K-Slim is a pretty easy task. With regards to regular cleaning, you need to simply wipe down the exterior of the machine with a damp cloth about once a week. The inclusion of a removable drip tray also significantly makes the cleaning experience a lot easier. Descaling can be a bit more challenging but you only need to do that once every three to six months so it should certainly not be something to dissuade you from purchasing a Keurig. 

Water Reservoir

While the K-Slim doesn’t have the 60 oz plus water reservoir that some of the larger Keurigs have, for its size its 46 oz capacity is pretty impressive. The amount is just enough that you’ll be able to enjoy several large cups before having to worry about refilling. An issue that some people have reported with the water reservoir is that it’s non-adjustable and its position at the rear of the machine makes it hard to access sometimes. The water reservoir also can’t be removed at all unlike some of Keurigs other models – this could make cleaning and refilling a little bit harder. 

K-Cups for the K-Slim

The K-Slim doesn’t have any sort of barcode scanning technology. This means it’s compatible with every single K-Cup that Keurig has to offer along with any K-Cup offered by a third-party brand. Whether you want coffee or tea or hot chocolate, there is a K-Cup out there for you that the K-Slim is compatible with. All K-Cups are also recyclable, so if you’re an environmentally conscious customer you have nothing to worry about.


The biggest factor in the K-Slim’s design is its minimal width of less than five inches. This design is great if you don’t have a lot of counter space to work with. The compact design also means that this machine can be placed anywhere from the office to the studio to the kitchen. The K-Slim also has an ergonomic handle which allows it to be transported between different locations easily. With regards to the appearance of the machine itself, the K-Slim comes in only black and is a stylish addition to any space. 

The only issue with the design is the plastic casing of the machine which makes it look a bit cheap. However, this casing is important for extending the longevity of the product. Some customers have also reported issues that the cord is too short so they can’t place the machine exactly where they wished – if outlet placing is an issue in your home then you should think twice before purchasing this machine as you may have to use an extension cord and that could be a visual burden. 

Brew Sizes

The K-Slim only offers three main cup sizes: 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz. It is also compatible with a 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 oz travel mug, if you’re a customer who needs coffee on the go. The removable drip tray makes it easier for cups of larger sizes to be used with the K-Slim. If you’re someone who consumes coffee in larger portions this is probably not an issue for you, but the absence of the 4 oz and 6 oz sizes might be annoying for customers who prefer smaller servings.


The K-Slim is a super efficient machine and it’ll give you a really fresh, delicious cup of coffee in record time. Excluding the warming up time for the water, the K-Slim takes just under a minute to brew your coffee. If you’re a person who is on the go, then the speed of the machine is definitely a great advantage. The K-Slim also fits a travel mug so you don’t have to worry about spillage. 

Other Features

The K-Slim does not come with an ‘Over Ice’ feature. While this doesn’t mean you can’t still add ice to the coffee it makes, it just means that iced coffee through this machine will end up losing some of its flavor and strength.

The K-Slim does not come with a ‘Strong’ button. If you’re someone who prefers an intensely rich cup of coffee this could be an issue for you as other Keurigs will probably be able to deliver that to you better than the K-Slim.

The K-Slim is much lower in volume than other Keurigs and has technology that will make sure that your morning peace isn’t disrupted by loud and annoying noises.

Should You Buy a Keurig K-Slim?

The answer to this one isn’t simple – it really depends on your particular needs. If your biggest priority is preserving counter space, then this is definitely the brewer for you. The K-Slim is also great if you enjoy large cups of coffee and it has a water reservoir large enough to facilitate this.

However, if you want to spend just a little bit more money to get a brewer with cooler features like a ‘Strong’ button or an ‘Over Ice’ option, then maybe try another brewer like the K-Elite or the K-Supreme.

Alternatives of Keurig K-Slim

The K-Elite

While the K-Elite is certainly more expensive than the K-Slim, it is one of the best Keurig brewers on the market. With a water reservoir that can hold 75 oz, iced coffee, strong brew, and a range of cup sizes the K-Elite is packed with features to make your coffee making experience as exciting and full of variety as possible. This machine also comes with quiet brew technology and has a high altitude setting.

The K-Supreme

The K-Supreme is another higher end Keurig model. Fitted with multi-stream technology, the K-Supreme makes the richest, most flavorful cup out of any Keurig. This machine also has temperature control, iced coffee, strength control, and a water reservoir of 66 oz. The K-Supreme also has an adjustable water reservoir which makes cleaning and refilling easy work.

The K-Compact

The K-Compact is 8.2 inches wide so it’s definitely a bit larger than the K-Slim but it makes up for this difference in size with a huge reduction in price. Currently retailing at less than $60, the K-Compact is one of Keurig’s smallest, cheapest models. It also has a removable water reservoir and offers a 6 oz cup size instead of the K-Slim’s 8 oz option.

The K-Mini

Keurig’s K-Mini is about the same height and width as the K-Slim but it is around five inches smaller than the K-Slim’s significant depth of 15.2 inches. The K-Mini does away with the headache of cup sizes and will brew whatever amount of water you put in the water reservoir. It’s also cheaper than the K-Slim and comes in a lot more colors. So, if you want a bargain and are willing to compromise a bit on reservoir size, the K-Slim might just be the machine for you.


What is the difference between a Keurig Mini and a Keurig slim?

The K-Slim and the K-Mini are about the same height and width but the K-Mini is around five inches smaller than the K-Slim in terms of depth. The K-Mini is much cheaper than the K-Slim and also comes with a removable water reservoir. However, the K-Slim makes better coffee and has a much larger water reservoir.

What is the difference between Keurig K slim and K-compact?

The K-Compact is much cheaper than the K-Slim but is over three inches wider than the K-Slim. Despite the larger design, the K-Compact has a 36 oz water tank while the K-Slim boasts a 46 oz water reservoir. There is also a difference in cup size options: while the K-Slim brews 8 oz, 10 oz, and 12 oz cups, the K-Compact brews 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz cups.

Can I use my K-cup with Keurig slim?

Yes, you can use any K-Cups with the K-Slim. Since this machine doesn’t have any barcode scanning technology, it’s compatible with K-Cups from Keurig and from third parties.

Can you make iced coffee with the Keurig Slim?

While the Keurig K-Slim doesn’t explicitly have an ‘Over Ice’ feature, you can still make iced coffee with it. However, this might not be as strong as it would be in machines that do have this feature since the ‘Over Ice’ feature ensures the coffee is extra strong so that when water is added, the flavor isn’t diluted. Without this feature, your coffee might not end up as concentrated but how much this matters to you depends on your personal preferences. 

What’s the best way to clean your new Keurig Slim-K?

With Keurigs, along with descaling it every 3-6 months you should also run a damp rag along the exterior as frequently as you can to get rid of stains on the machine itself. With regards to descaling itself, there are lots of ways to do it using household items like vinegar or you can even purchase a descaling kit.

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