How To Make Iced Coffee With Nespresso?

how to make iced coffee with nespresso

Summer is already here; then, why not make it extraordinary by learning the making of iced coffee with Nespresso. I’m giving a big thumbs up for Nespresso Vertuo Machine and the Nespresso Barista Coffee, via which you can make coffee-shop quality coffee in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price.

To make the Nespresso cold brew, you need Nespresso pods (of your choice), a Nespresso machine, milk, and some added love like cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate shavings, etc. This easy-peasy recipe takes 5 minutes to brew. Isn’t it amazing? 

To keep yourself cool during hot months, just read this article that will tell you some great iced coffee recipes using Nespresso pods and machines. Our mentioned recipes are easy and quick. 

What are you waiting for? Grab a nice cup of coffee and give this worthy piece a scroll!

But before that, we want you to know what a Nespresso iced coffee is. 

What is a Nespresso iced coffee?

A Nespresso Iced coffee is a chilled beverage made from Nespresso iced coffee machine and a Nespresso pod. You can add some other ingredients to it, the way you like. 

The relishing part? You can choose whichever Nespresso pod you like because it depends on the flavor. (HAIL TO YOUR COFFEE YOUR CHOICE)

Nespresso Iced Coffee contains:

  • A coffee pod as per your taste
  • 3-4 Ice cubes 
  • Milk of your choice
  • A sweetener (can be any sugar or coffee syrup)

That’s it for the making of the iced coffee. Want to know which Nespresso pods I love to use and why? Then, read this further.

Which Nespresso pod is suitable for making the best Iced Coffee?

The most important part of making an Iced Coffee is to cherry-pick your favorite Nespresso pods. But what happens if you’re novel with Nespresso pods? Don’t worry because you are at the right place. 

As your chilled beverage contains milk, you want to be specific while picking up a Nespresso pod_ that has a good amount of flavor. 

That’s why I recommend some dark roasted coffee pods that will eventually enhance your cup of coffee.

The Nespresso pods begin at level 9 and indicate the intensity scale of Nespresso coffee. Picking an intense espresso variant will give your iced coffee a boost. 

But what if you’re going to use a Lungo pod? I would say go for it! But be careful while adding the milk. 

The Lungo pods need less milk to balance out the flavor of your iced coffee. Adding to this, choose the intense Lungo pod for experiencing the best.

How to make the perfect iced coffee using a Nespresso machine?

Can Nespresso make iced coffee? Yes, for sure! Not just the usual iced coffee but a perfect one.

This recipe requires a Nespresso Iced Coffee Maker. I’m using a Nespresso Vertuo that already has an Aeroccinno milk frother

This amazing machine is equipped with things you need to prepare Iced Coffee. 

We are making our iced coffee with cold foam froth, as we don’t want to use hot milk for its preparation.  

Are you ready for the step-by-step guide? Dive in!

Before preparing iced coffee, make sure that you have the following things:

  • Nespresso machine
  • Milk frother with a cold froth function
  • Nespresso pod as per your taste
  • Half a cup of milk (120 ml)
  • Ice cubes (obviously)
  • Your favorite sweetener (optional)

Once you are equipped with the above stuff, it’s time to roll up your sleeves. 

Step 1

Turn on your Nespresso machine and ensure the quantity of water in the reservoir.

Step 2

Heat your Nespresso machine by running water through the machine by pressing the Lungo button. Bring an empty coffee cup to catch the water. Throw this running water in, and the milk places the cup back right under the machine.

Step 3

Take out some milk from the fridge. Pour the milk into Aeroccino milk frother and turn the machine on. Hold the button for 3-5 seconds until the blue circle blinks. 

Check out the color of the milk frother. It gives off a red color to make the milk warm. The blue light indicates that it froths cold milk. 

Step 4

Add your favorite Nespresso pod to the machine and press the button. The coffee begins to squeeze out. The Nespresso machine will pour the coffee into your heated cup. 

Step 5

Ready to bring some ice cubes and add them to your coffee cup; pour the hot espresso on top of the ice cubes and blend it a bit. 

Step 6

Take out your fluffy milk and swirl it a little. Make sure that all the milk is mixed well with the foam on top. 

Step 7

Pour this fluffy and frothy milk on top of your coffee. Your iced coffee is ready to take a sip. You can add some extra things like your favorite sweetener or sprinkle it with some cinnamon, nutmeg, or chocolate shavings. 

Selecting the best milk for better taste.

The better the milk, the better the taste and foam; because this recipe calls for a half cup of milk or 120 ml. Due to the importance of milk, I recommend some milk alternatives from which you get a brief idea.

For this recipe, I used cow’s milk. Its extra foaminess and texture will give you a perfect sensation. Cow’s milk contains 2% fat, which gives the milk bubbles. Any milk other than cow’s milk will make foam, but no one can beat its creamy texture. 

But because there are so many milk alternatives, I know it becomes overwhelming. 

If you want a dairy alternative go with soy milk, which is plant-based. This milk alternative is perfect to use as it froths super easy and tastes delicious at the same time.

Also, if you want to add some flavored milk_ then choose one that suits your taste. If you like your iced coffee to have a slight coconut taste_ then go with coconut milk.

But I would recommend that you go with some neutral milk flavors as you need to taste coffee. 

No matter what, there are infinite choices to go. You can make your dream iced coffee by brewing the perfect flavor that suits you.

How to make an Iced Cappuccino?

To make a delicious Iced Cappuccino, you need these ingredients:

  • 1 Nespresso capsule of Arpeggio or Arpeggio Deca
  • 2 Nespresso ice cubes
  • 100 ml of ice-cold full-fat milk
  • 1-pinch of chocolate shavings
  • 4 grams of sugar


Add some sugar to your coffee cup. Place the Arpeggio or Arpeggio Deca into the Nespresso machine, so the extract drops right over the sugar. 

To cool your milk, pour it into Aeroccino. Hold down the button until the light turns blue and after a chilled foam, pour it over the coffee. 

For a finishing touch, sprinkle some chocolate shavings and enjoy a revisited surprise to your taste buds. 

P.S. You can avoid sugar if you have any issues. Sugar is just to enhance the flavor.

How to Make Nespresso Coconut flavor over Ice? 

To make a perfect Nespresso coconut flavor over ice, you need these ingredients: 

  • 1-capsule of Ice Coconut
  • 3-units of Ice Cubes
  • 90 ml Cold Milk or Cold Water


Place three ice cubes in your coffee cup. Pour one capsule of barista creations coconut flavor over ice (40ml). Top it with cold water or cold milk (90ml), whichever you like. 

To make a foam structure of your milk, first, cool it in Aeroccino and hold down the button until the light turns blue. After it creates a chilled foam, just pour it over your coffee.

How to Make Iced Latte?

To awaken the fire beneath the ice, make an iced latte with these ingredients:

  • 2-capsules of Ispirazione Ristretto (You could go for the Italiano or Indian option in espresso)
  • Cold milk
  • Ice cubes


For this, you need a Nespresso machine to prepare your iced coffee. Place 2 Nespresso pods in the machine; pour cold milk into an Aeroccino accessory. 

Once the milk is frothy, add it into the cup. Add the ice cubes to the glass and relish it.

What is the recipe for the original Nespresso on ice?

Nespresso on ice is one of the Nespresso vertuo recipes. To make this, you need these ingredients:

  • 1 Nespresso capsule
  • 3-ice cubes
  • 90 ml of cold water


Add three ice cubes to your coffee cup. Now extract your favorite Nespresso capsule on top of the cubes. Add 90 ml of cold water and stir it.

P.S. You can add some other seasonings to enhance your Iced Coffee. 

How to use Nespresso Barista to make iced coffee?

Nespresso Barista uses Iced Nitro to make Iced Coffee. It is the easiest and quickest way to get your morning coffee at the right time. You need these ingredients to make this:

  • three ice cubes (or around 90g of ice)
  • Nespresso pod of your choice
  • Sweetener of your choice


Add all the ingredients to the barista jug. Select the Iced Nitro option, hit the button, and the Barista blends your drink, syrup or sugar, water, and ice cubes into a drink that you can pour into a coffee cup.

Barista’s jug will create a thicker and fuller iced coffee for your summer mornings. 

As with the original Nespresso iced coffee above, start by taking and dropping them into the Barista’s jug. Brew a shot of espresso over the top.

The Bottom Line

After reading this out, you’ll get to know how to make Iced Coffee with Nespresso. Just follow our recipes and make them for yourself and your family.

Happy Coffeeing!

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