The Best Nespresso Machines of 2022 [Top-Picks and Reviews]

best nespresso machine

Entering the world of Nespresso can be a daunting journey. There are so many options and it can be hard to know which one you should go with. That’s why, to make your life as easy as possible, we tested nine different Nespresso machines and listed some of their major characteristics. We looked at a lot of different metrics: the price, the size, the brew quality, the extra features, the ease of cleaning, and the convenience to make the most well-informed choice about the best Nespresso machine.

Top Three Nespresso Machines

We’ve included a list of our top three picks, but you should bear in mind that each user’s best option varies depending on their particular needs. Refer to our buying guide to know more!

Nespresso Essenza Plus

For our money, the number one Nespresso machine is the OriginalLine’s Essenza Plus. This machine is not too expensive – it costs around $229, making it a really great middle-of-the-road option. It has four different cup sizes and can also be fitted in with a milk frother if you want to make drinks like lattes. The Essenza Plus is also really compact, doesn’t take up a lot of counter space, and has similar wireless features to the Vertuo Next.

This model has a pretty decent sized water reservoir of 34 oz and is also compatible with third-party capsules, which means you’ll have a lot of pod options to play with. The OriginalLine’s pressure pump system of brewing also produces a far superior cup than the VertuoLine and the Essenza Plus is also fitted with this.

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

The Lattissima Pro belongs to the OriginalLine and is one of Nespresso’s more expensive models and retails for a steep $595. Despite the heavy price tag, the Lattissima Pro has to be one of the best machines Nespresso has produced simply for the sheer variety it offers users. Coming with massive milk AND water reservoirs, the Lattissima Pro lets you make seven different types of drinks for five different cup sizes. The machine is also amazingly simple to clean and is really well-constructed so you shouldn’t have issues with it breaking down.

Since it belongs to the OriginalLine, the Lattissima Pro also comes with the benefits of having an excellent pressure pump system and a large variety of capsules for you to choose from.

Nespresso Vertuo Next

Out of Nespresso’s VertuoLine, the Vertuo Next is as top of the line as it gets. Currently standing at around $210, this model has a lot to offer for its mid-range price. Not only does it cater to five different cup sizes, but the Vertuo Next also has a lot of cool wireless features. When connected to Nespresso’s app, these features really make the coffee machine experience as easy as possible as they’ll alert you to all sorts of things, such as when your water tank needs to be filled. If you’re an environmentally conscious customer, you’ll be especially pleased to know that this machine is made of 54% recyclable materials.

Despite the limited selection of capsules, the slim design of the Vertuo Next and its unique features make it a really consistent and relatively cheaper option to purchase.

Best Nespresso Machines (in depth)

Nespresso Vertuo Plus

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a model in Nespresso’s latest VertuoLine collection, which can make both coffee and espresso. At the time of writing, it retails at $159 on Amazon and is a reasonable option among Nespresso’s VertuoLine machines. Accommodating brew sizes of 0.3 oz to 17 oz, the Vertuo Plus also has a water reservoir of 40 oz and is designed especially for users who enjoy a large drink of coffee. In the UK, the machines are manufactured by Krups and Magimix, and in the US/CA the manufacturers are Breville and DeLonghi.


  • Much like other Nespresso machines, it is very well built and comes with a two-year warranty to rely on in case of any issues. It is also incredibly simple to use and does not have a complicated user interface
  • The Vertuo Plus also comes adapted for a milk frother; however, this is sold separately. Once bought though, the frother enables you to make a lot of cool specialty drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.
  • The Vertuo Plus also comes with a removable drip tray which, coupled with its simple exterior, makes the machine a pretty easy one to clean.


  • The Vertuo Plus has a rather bulky design – it weighs 10.1 lb – in comparison to other Nespresso machines and with its dimensions of 8.7”x12.7”x12.8” (w x d x h) will take up a fair bit of counter space.
  • Unlike the Vertuo Next, the Vertuo Plus does not come with wireless features.
  • The centrifusion technology doesn’t make as rich of a cup as OriginalLine machines and some even feel the temperature of the Vertuo Plus doesn’t match the OrignalLine.
  • The limited variety of pods for VertuoLine machines means that you’ll have a really limited variety in terms of what types of coffee you can enjoy. 
  • The Vertuo Plus is also criticised for not innovating enough and not really being a worthy successor to the original Vertuo machine – its water reservoir is merely 40 oz, and the spent capsule container can hold only 10.

Nespresso CitiZ

Part of Nespresso’s OriginalLine, the Nespresso CitiZ currently retails for $262.99. Like other OriginalLine machines, this model too makes only espresso. Similar to the Vertuo Plus, the Nespresso CitiZ’s UK manufacturers are Krups and Magimix, and in the US/CA it’s made by DeLonghi and Breville.


  • The machine is pretty lightweight – weighing in at around 7.1 lb and has dimensions of 5.1”x14.6”x10.9” (w x d x h). This means that it won’t take up a lot of counter space and the small surface area plus limited design mean it’s a pretty easy cleaning job.
  • The CitiZ also has a two button interface making it a simple and straightforward machine to operate.
  • The pump technology of the CitiZ is Nespresso’s best and produces a really rich, aromatic cup of coffee
  • Just like other OriginalLine machines, the CitiZ is compatible with third party capsules which means you’ll have a lot of variety in terms of the different pods available.


  • If you’re someone who enjoys a large cup of coffee, the Nespresso CitiZ might not be the model for you. It only brews espresso for two cup sizes – a 1.35 oz espresso setting and a 3.70 oz lungo setting.

While the CitiZ doesn’t come with any of the wireless features that newer Vertuos have, it can be argued that those features aren’t exactly why one would buy this model. The CitiZ is the model for you if you’re someone who wants a machine that consistently makes rich, flavourful espresso and is dependable for its durability. If you want to enjoy speciality beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, perhaps try a variation of the CitiZ model – CitiZ & Milk.

Nespresso Inissia

The Nespresso Inissia retails at around $155 and remains one of Nespresso’s highest selling models to date. Part of the OriginalLine, the Inissia is manufactured by DeLonghi and Breville in the US/CA and by Krups and Magimix in the UK. Similar to other OriginalLine machines, it can only make espresso. The low price, along with its consistency make it a great trial model for someone who isn’t sure if they want to spend the money on a more expensive model.


  • The Inissia is another light model – weighing in at only 5.3 lbs – this compact model may not be heavy but it is still really well-built and sturdy. The dimensions are 4.7”x 9”x12.6” (w x d x h) meaning that this machine will take up minimal counter space in your kitchen. 
  • Keeping in mind its small size, the Inissia has a pretty decently sized reservoir of 24 oz, meaning it can last you a while before you have to refill the water tank. 
  • It too can brew espresso for shots ranging in size from 1.35 oz to 3.70 oz. Much like other OriginalLine machines, the Inissia can take third party capsules as well so you’ll have a lot of variety.
  • With a pretty simple user interface of just two buttons, the Inissia is the perfect coffee machine for the novice.


  • While the Inissia must be commended for the many features its small frame offers, if you’re someone who likes larger drinks, this machine is not for you. The 24 oz reservoir is almost half that of machines like the Vertuo Plus and if you drink frequently, you’ll find that you exhaust it often. 
  • While the Inissia has a very short heat-up time (only 25 seconds), it’s also a bit loud in comparison to other Nespresso machines.

Nespresso Creatista Plus

The Nespresso Creatista Plus makes high-quality, milk-based espresso and is priced at a steep $649 at the moment. Part of the OriginalLine, the Creatista Plus comes with an in-built milk frother as well so speciality drinks aren’t off the table. Nespresso’s manufacturing partners for this machine are Breville in the US/CA and Sage Appliances in the UK.


  • The Creatista Plus is one of Nespresso’s most visually appealing machines – it has a completely stainless steel exterior. This not only means that it’s a great machine to look at but also that it’s constructed really well and does not break down easily. 
  • The Creatista Plus also has a fully digital display and is pretty simple to operate once you get used to it.
  • In spite of its large size, this machine has one of the fastest heat up times for Nespresso and takes only 3 seconds to warm up.
  • Considering it is part of the OriginalLine, the Creatista Plus is great because it can use third party capsules and you’ll have a lot of variety. 
  • Much like other machines from this line, the Creatista Plus also uses Nespresso’s acclaimed pressure pump system and makes a rich, aromatic cup every single time. 
  • The milk frother for the Creatista Plus is a swivel type which means that you can choose to what degree you’d like your foam to be mixed


  • The steel also means that it’s a bit on the heavier side: this machine weighs 11.4 lbs. It’ll also take up a fair bit of space in your kitchen, while it doesn’t have a lot of width, the Creatista Plus is one of Nespresso’s tallest machines and has dimensions of 6.7”x12.2”x16.1” ( w x d x h). 
  • Its cup settings aren’t as extensive as VertuoLine machines, it has three preset drink sizes: a 0.85 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, and 3.70 oz lungo.
  • It also has a pretty massive water tank that can hold 50 oz so if you drink frequently, refilling won’t be a worry for a long time. 

Despite its heavy price tag, the Creatista Plus is among Nespresso’s most consistently high performing machines and it is as durable as it is effective.

Nespresso Essenza Mini Espresso Maker

The Essenza Mini is Nespresso’s smallest single-serve espresso maker and currently costs $169. It is part of the OriginalLine and is considered to be one of Nespresso’s most affordable and effective options. The Essenza Mini is manufactured by DeLonghi and Breville in the US and Canada, and by Krups and Magimix in the UK.


  • Much like its name suggests, the Essenza Mini is a pretty small machine. Weighing in at only 5.1 lbs and with dimensions of 3.2”x12.8”x8.1” (w x d x h). this model won’t take up too much space on your kitchen counter.
  • Much like other OriginalLine machines, this model is also compatible with third party capsules so you’ll have a lot of pod options.
  • It also has the OriginalLine’s pump system which means you can expect a rich, flavourful cup every time.


  • An issue that some users have reported with the Essenza Mini is its lack of durability. Usually Nespresso’s machines are famous for their longevity, but the Essenza Mini’s ABS plastic exterior is prone to damage.
  • The machine comes with only two cup sizes – a 1.35 oz espresso size and a 3.70 lungo size.
  • It has a relatively small water reservoir which holds only 20 oz.

The Essenza Mini is great if you’re looking for a starter machine into the world of Nespresso. It’s one of Nespresso’s cheapest machines, takes up limited space, and is also incredibly simple to use. 

Nespresso Lattissima Pro

The Nespresso Lattissima Pro is one of Nespresso’s more expensive models and costs around $595. Part of the OriginalLine, this model is manufactured by Breville and DeLonghi in the US and Canada and by Krups and Magimix in the UK. The machine presents you with the opportunity to be able to make milk-based drinks like lattes and cappuccinos at the press of a button.


  • The Lattissima Pro comes with an impressive range of cup sizes. These include: 0.85 oz ristretto, 1.35 oz espresso, 3.05 oz cappuccino, 3.70 oz lungo, and 6.40 oz latte.
  •  The Lattissima Pro is really well-constructed and won’t break down easily. 
  • It also has a spent capsule capacity of 13-15 capsules which is greater than most Nespresso machines.
  • The Lattissima Pro comes with the benefits of being open to third party capsules and since it uses the OriginalLine’s pump system, you can be sure that it’ll always make a great cup of joe every time.
  • The Lattissima Pro comes with large milk and water tanks, so you won’t have to worry about refilling too frequently. 
  • It comes with a touchscreen which contains options for seven different kinds of drinks and also has a milk frother that’ll give you a nice, foamy drink whenever you want. 
  • The Lattissima Pro is also ultra-easy to clean: you can access an automatic descaling cycle through the touchscreen. The milk frother is similarly easy to clean and can automatically be rinsed out by simply turning a knob.


  • The machine is also a relatively bigger one, it weighs 12.6 lbs and has dimensions of 6.1”x12.8”x10.1” (w x d x h). Due to its large size, it can be a bit of a burden in terms of countertop space and will need a lot of room.

If you’re someone who drinks a lot of coffee, wants different options, and are willing to pay the steep price for it, the Lattissima Pro might just be the perfect machine for you.

Nespresso Vertuo Next

The Nespresso Vertuo Next is part of Nespresso’s VertuoLine collection and currently retails at $210. It is manufactured by DeLonghi and Breville in the US/CA and by Magimix in the UK. The Vertuo Next can also be fitted with a milk frother but this is sold separately.


  • The Vertuo Next has dimensions of 5.5″ x 16.8″ x 12.4″ (w x d x h). The small dimensions of the Vertuo Next are one of its key features as it is the slimmest out of Nespresso’s VertuoLine collection. So, if counter space is an issue for you, this might just be the model for you. 
  • Despite the slim design, the Vertuo Next weighs a solid 8.8 lbs and has solid internal construction.
  • This machine is built to promote sustainability as 54% of it is comprised of recycled materials.
  • The Vertuo Next comes with a variety of cup sizes: espresso (1.35 oz), double espresso (2.7 oz), lungo (3.7 oz), coffee (7.8 oz), and alto (14 oz). 
  • The Vertuo Next is also the first Nespresso machine to come with wireless features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When these features are used in tandem with Nespresso’s app, they let you know important things like when to descale your machine and when to refill your water tank. This makes your coffee drinking experience so much more efficient and stress-free.


  • However, since the Vertuo Next is part of the VertuoLine, it has a very limited selection of capsules that can be used with it. 
  • The centrifusion technology of the VertuoLine is also not as effective as the OriginalLine’s pump system at producing a rich cup. 
  • The Vertuo Next also has the longest warmup time out of all the VertuoLine machines – it takes 25 seconds to heat up. 
  • The Vertuo Next has a water tank capacity of 37 oz, which is a bit smaller than other Vertuo machines.

The Vertuo Next is designed for environmentally conscious customers who like a tall cup of coffee and are willing to pay a high price to get it.

Nespresso Pixie

The Nespresso Pixie is part of the OriginalLine and currently costs $219. It is manufactured by Krups and Magimix in the UK and by DeLonghi and Breville in the US and Canada. A single-serve espresso machine, this model has just the right amount of features for the Nespresso novice.


  • The Pixie is one of Nespresso’s smallest and most compact models, weighing only 6.6 lbs. The dimensions of the machine are 4.4”x9.3”x12.8” (w x d x h), meaning it’s a great buy if you’re looking to save some counter space. 
  • Despite its small size, the Pixie is incredibly well-constructed and durable. 
  • Its exterior design is also super stylish and made entirely from aluminium. This machine offers two main cup sizes – a 1.35 oz espresso size or a 3.70 lungo size.
  • Since it is part of the OriginalLine, it can use third-party capsules and you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
  • The Pixie also uses the OriginalLine’s pump system which produces a rich, aromatic cup every single time.
  • The Pixie also has one of the fastest heating up times out of the OriginalLine machines and is really efficient. 
  • Even though the Pixie brews only espresso, it can also be upgraded to brew drinks like cappuccinos if the Aeroccino milk frother is also purchased alongside it. 
  • The Pixie also has a really easy to use user interface and is pretty simple to clean as well.


  • The Pixie has a water tank capacity of only 24 oz so if you’re someone who drinks frequently, this could be inconvenient for you as you would have to keep refilling. 
  • The Pixie also does not have some of the fancier features of newer models such as Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth.

It is a machine geared specifically to those who value speed, convenience, simplicity, and counter-space.

Nespresso Essenza Plus

The Nespresso Essenza Plus is part of the OriginalLine and costs $229. It is manufactured by Breville and DeLonghi in the US/CA and by Magimix and Krups in the UK. It is considered to provide a slightly more complex and luxurious experience than its predecessor, the Essenza Mini.


  • While it is larger than the Essenza Mini, the Essenza Plus is still on the smaller side when it comes to Nespresso machines. Weighing around 7.7 lbs, the Essenza Plus has dimensions of 4.7”x15.6”x10” (w x d x h) and is a pretty compact machine.
  • This model is made from plastic and is so portable that it’s the perfect machine to travel with. 
  • The Essenza Plus is also noted in the number of cup sizes it offers. It has four sizes:  1.35 oz espresso, 3.70 oz lungo, 5.05 oz Americano, and a 6.75 oz Americano XL.
  • The added Americano features make the Essenza Plus unique from other Nespresso machines and showcase its versatility. 
  • Since it’s part of the OriginalLine, this machine is also compatible with third-party capsules.
  • It also makes use of the OriginalLine’s amazing pressure pump system and consistently produces a rich, delicious drink.
  • The Essenza Plus has a pretty decently sized water tank of 34 oz and a spent capsule capacity of 11. 
  • Moreover, even though the machine by itself cannot froth milk, it is compatible with the Aeroccino milk frother. 
  • The Essenza Plus also has a lot of convenient wireless features and these make the coffee machine experience a lot more efficient as the machine will alert you on important things such as when to descale.


  • The only major con with this machine is that the entirely plastic exterior takes away from its durability.

The Essenza Plus is a great option if you value versatility and want to have a greater variety of beverages.

Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Nespresso Machine

Every Nespresso machine is made to cater to a different need. Before you head out to purchase one, you have to figure out what your specific needs are. Are you someone who just wants a machine to make a simple shot of espresso every day? Do you want to enjoy lattes and cappuccinos? Or do you want to drink larger cups of coffee?

Nespresso’s machines are divided into two lines – the OriginalLine and the VertuoLine. If you value variety in pod options and want a consistently rich cup of coffee every time, go for the OriginalLine. However, if you drink larger mugs like 8 oz multiple times a day, maybe you should go for the VertuoLine as it has greater cup sizes.

Moreover, you also have to consider your budget. The VertuoLine’s machines can sometimes be a tad more expensive than some OriginalLine models, but this doesn’t mean they necessarily have better features. Some of the best Nespresso machines are also the cheapest – a good example is that of the Essenza Mini, a relatively low price machine that consistently makes a great drink. If you want a variety of drinks, then maybe try the Lattissima or Creatista lines.

We’ve listed some of the most important features of nine different Nespresso machines and what the main advantages of each are. We’d recommend making a mental note of all the things you’re looking for and then compare it to the characteristics of the machines we’ve mentioned. In most cases, we would recommend an OriginalLine machine over the VertuoLine: the taste, flavour, and variety of the former simply cannot be matched by the latter.

Types of Nespresso Machines

So other than Nespresso’s two main lines, you’ve probably heard a lot about the different series within each line. The VertuoLine is newer and currently has these machines: the Vertuo, the Vertuo Plus, the Vertuo Plus Deluxe, the Vertuo Next, and the Evoluo. All these Vertuo machines have some varying features but have in common their centrifusion technology and barcode scanning technology. Both these aspects have received mixed reviews. The centrifusion technology is widely believed to not match the brewing ability of the OriginalLine’s pressure pump system. The barcode scanning technology has been criticised because it makes it so that only Nespresso manufactured capsules can be used in the machines which limits your choices. However, the ability of the VertuoLine to brew larger cups and its versatility in being able to make both coffee and espresso make it a good option for customers who value quantity and variety.

The OriginalLine boasts a selection of machines that is a lot more extensive than the VertuoLine. The models in this line vary from being the most affordable Nespresso has to offer to some of its most expensive. Some of the major players in this line include the Lattissima series, the Creatista series, the Inissia, the CitiZ series, the Pixie, and the Essenza Series. All these machines can be used with external capsules and all of them also make use of Nespresso’s acclaimed pressure pump system. The machines also get more complex as the price increases. While the $155 Inissia can make only espresso, the $649 Creatista Plus can make everything from espresso to lattes to cappuccinos. If you want to go with an OriginalLine machine you should make your decision by considering your budget, and how many different types of beverages you want to be able to consume.


When it comes to Nespresso machines, the right accessories can significantly improve your coffee drinking experience. The main accessory (which is compatible with most Nespresso machines) is a milk frother. While some machines have in-built milk frothers, for others you have to buy an external one. Nespresso offers a few of these on its website with the most popular one being the Aeroccino3 milk frother. Priced at $99, this frother gives you the ability to simply and effectively brew delicious milk-based drinks with your Nespresso.

Nespresso also sells a variety of drinkware to go with specific machines. So, for instance, they have a set of mugs called the Vertuo Espresso mugs. While these may be cool to own as they’re perfectly sized to the cup size settings on your Nespresso machines, we’d recommend not getting these as they’re an unnecessary added cost. We have a similar view on the ‘coffee capsule storage’ containers they sell: you don’t really need them.

Perhaps the most important accessory sold by Nespresso are its descaling kits and recycling bags. The descaling kit is super important for you to be able to maintain your machine and without it you’re not going to get a lot of long-term use out of your Nespresso. The recycling bags are completely free and are necessary to have if you want to be part of Nespresso’s excellent recycling program.


What’s the difference between Original and Vertuo?

The main difference between Nespresso’s two lines is that the OriginalLine makes only espresso while the VertuoLine can make both espresso and coffee. The OriginalLine also uses a pressure pump system for brewing which is slightly more effective at producing a richer cup than the VertuoLine’s centrifusion technology. The OriginalLine also has a lot more variety in pod choice but the VertuoLine usually has more cup size options.

Do Nespresso machines brew real espresso?

Technically speaking, Nespresso machines do not brew real espresso. The differences are pretty minimal though and can probably be ignored if you’re not an espresso purist. Nespresso has 5g of ground coffee, while espresso has 7g – this means Nespresso isn’t as concentrated. The extraction time for Nespresso is also lower than it is for espresso and some argue this means the flavour of Nespresso’s espresso isn’t authentic.

Can Nespresso capsules be recycled?

Nespresso prides itself on being an accountable brand and as such, its capsules are almost 100% recyclable. However, they cannot be recycled by just putting them in your nearest recycling brand. You have to either mail them to Nespresso themselves or drop them off at one of Nespresso’s many collection points. It might seem like a hassle, but this small act really saves the environment from A LOT of damage.

Are Nespresso machines worth it?

It depends on your particular needs. If you’re someone who gets your coffee from a store, you’ll find that Nespresso is cheaper in the long run. If you want to experiment with different flavours and not go through the hassle of making espresso yourself, then it’s worth it for you. However, if you want to personally be invested in your coffee-making process and don’t want to bother with the hassle that comes with maintaining machinery, then maybe you stick to manual coffee brewing.

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Is Nespresso by Breville better?

Breville and DeLonghi are Nespresso’s main partners in the US/CA. You’ll find no major differences between the two’s machines as the technical aspects of each machine are specified by Nespresso themselves and remain mostly identical.

How long should a Nespresso machine last?

If you take proper care of your machine and keep up-to-date with its maintenance, your Nespresso could last anywhere from 5 to 10 years.

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